Dutch sharkmouthed Piper Pawnee.

AEROPOXY Piper Pawnee 1/72 scale kit, masterfully built by Mr. Alessandro Tagliati from Livorno, Italy, using extra decal sheet printed by Mr. Erik Blokzijl ,from the Netherlands. Decals available at: erik.blokzijl@ziggo.nl

Aeropoxy DH. 83 Fox Moth, beautifully built by Mr. Cliff Bassett, UK.


Soko J-22 ORAO / IAR-93 Vultur , 1/72 resin kit by AEROPOXY

Soko J-22 ORAO / IAR-93 Vultur , 1/72 resin kit by AEROPOXY , in 7 different boxings, retooled, available again .

New SOKO J22 Orao 1/72 series.

New series 1/72 Soko J-22 ORAO wing , completely bubble free.


AEROPOXY resin kits 2016. range .

AEROPOXY 2016 range FB

Aeropoxy on Moson Model show 2016.

Aeropoxy will be there, april 15-16,  for any order,  ask at:   supercuber@gmail.com

SHS Pawnee Moson