New SOKO J22 Orao 1/72 series.

New series 1/72 Soko J-22 ORAO wing , completely bubble free.


AEROPOXY resin kits 2016. range .

AEROPOXY 2016 range FB

Aeropoxy on Moson Model show 2016.

Aeropoxy will be there, april 15-16,  for any order,  ask at:

SHS Pawnee Moson

AEROPOXY Piper Pawnee’s 2016.

Pawnee Boxings

Piper Pawnee Tug plane

Third and final Piper Pawnee kit , this one with Hoffmann four blade wooden tug-plane propeller. Decals, Airbrushing masks, resin kit parts and multimedia CD Rom .

PiperHoffmann Box 3d

IK-5 @ 2017.

IK 5 Aeropoxy FB

SOSA Gliding club tug plane Pawnee

Another Piper Pawnee pack, from SOSA Gliding Club , Rockton, Ontario, tug plane, Decals, airbruhing canopy masks, detailed instructions, finely engraved details …

Price :25  EUR + P&P , PAYPAL accepted, ask for details at:

Sosa Piper Tug Box3d