Aeropoxy SPARTAN CRUISER build in IPMS Deutschland Journal 53/1, by Christian Breuning.

Aeropoxy SPARTAN CRUISER u časopisu IPMS Deutschland 53/1 , by Christian Breuning.


Ikarus IK-2 + Rogožarski IK-3 – 1/48 AEROPOXY

Old, early 2000’s resin kits, out of production for a while.
Quick build from stash.

Both kits, IK-2 and IK-3 are out of production for a while, but we just work on new remastered and retooled IK2 / IK-3 , using latest published research and data, printed in Kagero books. Stay tuned for more info.

Bristol 138 a 1/48 scale resin kit-Build instructions and paint schemes.

Bristol 138a uputstvo pg1

Bristol 138a uputstvo pg2

Bristol 138a uputstvo pg3

Bristol 138a Paint Scheme pg1

Bristol 138a Paint Scheme pg2

Bristol 138 a 1/48 scale resin kit-RELEASED

Bristol 138 a 1/48 scale resin kit by AEROPOXY
Ready for 12th New Year’s Cup – Belgrade, Dec 14-15.
49 Eur+P&P

Box Bristol 138a1200

Bristol 138a 48 AEROPOXY 2


AEROPOXY – Plastikova Zima 2019. – Bratislava

Visit us at same place as last year – main hall -podium.


SY-1 , Supersonic ORAO prototype

Another SOKO J-22 orao boxing, with SY-1 prototype, first Yugoslav plane able to fly faster than the speed of sound , flown by test pilot Marjan Jelen, over Batajnica, November 22nd 1984.




Soko J-22 ORAO / IAR 93 VULTUR 1/48 – Ready for delivery