Scale Drawings

Scale drawings sets.

Selection of extremely detailed scale drawings of mostly Yugoslav or  WW2 aircraft types,researched and  drawn by Nenad M. Miklusev.

Prints of these drawings are now available for sale in various scales, direct from the artist.

Each set consist of  6-10 A3 size HQ  ( 130 gms paper) printed pages with 1/48-1/32 scale views, (top/bottom, both sides, front and rear view), fuselage and wing cutouts, internal fuselage structure, detailed undercarriage and cockpit drawings and basic paint scheme. Brief tech and history data are also included.

Rogožarski IK-3

Ikarus IK-2


Ikarus ŠM

Ikarus IO

Fizir FN

Messerschmitt ME-P1101

Price, 14 EUR/15 US$ printed or PDF on CD Rom version, airmailed ( postage included in price) or 10 EUR/11 US$ downloadable PDF file.

For more details, ask at:

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