Soko J-22 ORAO book

Soko J-22 ORAO book by Nenad M. Miklusev  – 2nd edition.

ORAO_2017_book 006

AEROPOXY-YASIG publishing released new modeling book, Soko ORAO jet plane.

76 pages A4 format, color cover pages, two color  profiles pages, three photo pages, 25 scale drawings pages, 25 paint schemes pages, 12 pages of history/tech data, service and operational data pages, for SFRJ/SRJ/SCG/Republic of Serbia/Republic of Srpska.
Digitaly xerox printed.

Order at:

20 EUR/24 US$ total (+worldwide air mail at cost by Serbia Post)

Cena za Srpsko tržište, u dinarima (zbog kursa i umanjene poštarine)-upit na :

Available also as PDF (CD Rom or download) E-book => HERE

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